2011 AHP Awards

June 18, 2011 – San Diego, California. American Horse Publications announced the winners of the Excellence in Writing Awards. The industry-wide competition recognized the best articles published in 2010. Six of my stories placed in the Personality Profile, Freelance Writer and Personal Column categories. They join my 2007 and 2009 award-winning articles that also appeared in Western Horseman magazine.

1st Place, Personality Profile – “The Raven Within”

Judge Review: “Here’s a writer who not only learns his subject, but also uses the language and the flow to create art where others simply write stories.”

2nd Place, Personality Profile – “Joel Nelson: The Horses and the Words

Judge Review: “Good use of the language. Reader gets a picture of the subject. There are third-party sources. Good stuff.”

2nd Place, Freelance Journalism – “Up the Andes”

Judge Review: “Using a quote to lead an article is often a mistake – but not in this case. The opening quote immediately draws the reader into the drama. The writing is economical yet wonderfully evocative. This was an enjoyable adventure to read.”

Honorable Mention, Personal Column – “Backcountry Insight”

Judge Review: “Writer has an excellent feel for language, blending detailed observations with quotes and punchy prose. The strength of the details and impressive descriptions make these must-finish pieces.”

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